A tough nut to crack!

Episode 5: A formulation technology made in Aachen to deter prescription drug abuse

Abuse of certain medications (like, for example, opioids and stimulants) is a major problem in US society. And yet these drugs are essential treatment options, for example for patients suffering from chronic pain or attention deficit disorder syndrome. In the case of deliberate abuse, the drugs in question are often manipulated in various ways. The tablets are often first crushed, then snorted, drunk, or dissolved and injected.
To reduce abuse and misuse of the tablets, the Grünenthal Group has developed a proprietary abuse-deterrent formulation (INTAC® Technology). This unique process raises the break resistance of the drug tablets during manufacturing so that they can only be crushed with an inordinate amount of effort. And this tamper resistance is achieved without compromising the required pharmacological effectiveness of the tablets. The aim of INTAC® Technology is to make prescription drug abuse more difficult and thus less attractive.

The technology has been in use on the US market since 2011. Further pharmaceutical products with INTAC® Technology are currently in development.

And who invented it? The Grünenthal Group – from Aachen, of course.