Archimedes’ Action Day

Come one, come all on Friday, 19th July 2019, from 10 am to 5 pm on the Katschhof, where a fantastic programme awaits you!

Prof. Dr. Stephan Kallweit from the MASCOR Institute at the FH Aachen and his team of students and researchers have developed the field robot ETAROB, who identifies weeds and kills them with precisely targeted electric shocks. The worms and microbes in the soil are not harmed. The students have trained him on cauliflower and the like, so he can recognise which plant he is standing in front of by the structure, colour and shade of the leaves. And – even better – ETAROB knows which veggies could do with a little more fertiliser or an extra drop of water, and when it’s time to harvest them. By the way, the technology for the weed-killing electric charges was developed by the company Zasso GmbH, which is now working in close collaboration with the ETAROB team.

With their mini-excavator, the RWTH Aachen’s Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering can do some seriously precise digging. Sitting up on the excavator, young and old visitors will be able to get an overview of how sand is quarried. Just the thing we need here in Archimedes’ Sandbox!

The Auto-Puzzle will enable you to find out which raw materials are used in a car, a smartphone or a computer. Because the human population’s consumption rate for raw materials and energy is constantly rising, new techniques and methods need to be developed to meet the increasing demand while keeping the environmental impact at a minimum.

The Continium Discovery Center team from Kerkrade will be waiting with hands-on experiments for primary school kids in the eXploregio.mobil.

The City of Aachen’s Future Lab Team will be presenting its mobile phone app: a guided tour of 13 sites of scientific interest in Aachen.

An e-mobile cocktail bar and a popcorn-mobile from StreetScooter will be serving healthy mixed drinks and snacks. The price for a drink: 3,00 Euro or 1 Duck. If you want, you can go and look for one of the 100 ducks that Aachen’s Science Office has hidden in the sand. Show your duck, get a free drink, enjoy! (Only 1 duck per person)

Next door in the Centre Charlemagne there will be guided tours on the topic “Discover Archaeology – Treasures beneath your feet” at 12 midday and 2 pm, as well as an Archaeology Workshop at 12 midday and 4 pm. Open to everyone

Admission free and no charge for participation