Magical Maths

Adventures in the realm of numbers – a touring exhibition makes a stop in Aachen

The interactive travelling exhibition “Magical Maths” offers visitors of all ages insights into mathematical phenomena and explains the mathematics in our daily lives. 40 exhibits addressing six different mathematical topics invite visitors to play, think and explore. The show illustrates, for example, how maths is not just something we encounter at school, but something that plays an important part when we travel by train, listen to music and engage in many other everyday activities.
Extra: Sunday, 9th September, from 1 pm – 6 pm is the “Day of Action” of Aachen’s various associations, under the title “Honorary”. On that day, volunteers from the Aachen association will enhance the exhibition with activities and experiments. (Those are the people from eXploregiomobil on the Katschhof, remember?)

29th August to 15th September 2018
Aquis Plaza
Adalbertstr. 100
52062 Aachen
Open during business hours
Admission free