The Low-Priced E-Mobile

Ohne Abgase und Lärm: StreetScooter transportieren Pakete, Päckchen und Briefe. (Foto: StreetScooter/Deutsche Post DHL)

City administration has them, the StädteRegion has them, postmen and -women have them: electro transporters, the StreetScooter model, are on the road every day, in Aachen and in other cities.


Sustainability and environmental protection can have four wheels and be affordable nonetheless – that is what Achim Kampker and Günther Schuh wanted to prove. Both of them are professors at the RWTH Aachen, both of them are mechanical engineers, both of them founded the private StreetScooter GmbH in 2010. Even the prototypes caused a furore, but it wasn’t just the cars that were innovative. Product development and the production process were organised in a completely new way, a decisive contribution in terms of profitability. In 2014, “Deutsche Post” bought the business which currently manufactures its vehicles at the former Aachen wagon factory “Waggonfabrik Talbot-Bombardier”. The objective: In the long term, the fleet of ca. 45,000 cars owned by Deutsche Post is expected to be powered mostly by electricity.

And where was the StreetScooter invented? At the RWTH Aachen.

Without exhaust gases and noise: StreetScooters transport large parcels, small parcels and letters. (Photo: StreetScooter/Deutsche Post DHL)

The StreetScooter proves that environmental protection can have four wheels and be affordable nonetheless.