Start up!

German publication ‘ZEIT online’ recommends young entrepreneurs to establish their start-ups in Aachen.

“Working on a start-up? Forget Berlin, head for Aachen instead!” No, this isn’t a slogan from the marketing department of the Aachener Campus GmbH – it’s a headline on (partner of ‘ZEIT online”) from 1st December, 2016. In her article, the author Madeleine Hofmann states that the Düsseldorf-Aachen Region is on its way to taking over the No. 1 position from Berlin as the best are in Germany for start-ups. “Cities like Düsseldorf and Aachen were not previously thought of as hip start-up centres. But with 14.8 percent of the country’s start-ups, the region is now giving the German capital a run for its money,” she writes. And there’s more: “Aachen is now being touted as a ‘European Stanford’…” The reason is the new campus.