Science Office

Science is the major flagship of our city – and, at the same time, its most important resource. Its four universities with their 60,000 students and over 12,000 employees, together with numerous neighbouring research establishments, form a unique scientific landscape. The Science Office’s mission is to act as a link between the universities and the city. It draws together, develops and coordinates numerous activities and provides a point of contact and service for all aspects of our “City of Science”.

The local universities and their affiliated research institutes are key factors for the future development of the City of Aachen. Excellent research, graduates with top-class qualifications and training – and the sheer number of people studying here – all boost the regional economy and ensure sustainable growth for our city.
With events and projects, the Science Office aims to intensify the cooperation between city administration and academic research, and promote perception and understanding of science in Aachen. Through cooperation with research institutes, universities, cultural organisations, commercial enterprises, official chambers and the media, our objective is to make Aachen even more attractive as a place to live and work.

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Peter Gronostaj
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