An e-car for everyone

Clean and quick through town thanks to electrical power – the e.GO Life, developed and soon to be produced in Aachen, is a child of Industry 4.0.

Thousands came to the official public debut of the fully drive-capable pre-series model just to see it: the e.GO Life – after the StreetScooter the next e-car from Aachen that can be expected to carve out a place for itself in a highly competitive market.
The four-seater is compact, looks stylish and is designed primarily for the urban transport sector. There’s a lot of innovative technology to be had for a relatively low price. Thanks to a stable chassis made of aluminium, the e.GO Life – with battery – weighs just 810 kilos, and the Bosch powertrain gets you to 50 kph in just 5.7 seconds.
Founded by Professor Günter Schuh, the man also behind the StreetScooter, the company e.GO Mobile AG is also breaking new ground in terms of development and production – thanks to Industry 4.0. Through full digital networking, all processes are rendered lean, fast and efficient – and therefore also relatively inexpensive.
When, according to the schedule, serial production starts up in the TRIWO Technopark in the east of Aachen in 2018, the assembly technicians will have numerous automated helpers at their side. The screws will be counted by a robot, and a high-precision measuring arm will ensure that the spot welds on the e.GO chassis are exactly where they are supposed to be.