Do we want autonomous driving?

In spite of truly magnificent weather outside, 100 Aacheners stayed indoors in the Aula Carolina to get together and exchange views on the subject of autonomous mobility.

Saturday, 6th April, 2019. Who remembers what they were doing on that day? Right: eating ice cream, hanging around in the wonderful sunshine, or getting the garden into shape. But not the Aacheners who met up in the admittedly beautiful, but rather dark Aula Carolina to discuss autonomous mobility – from early morning until late in the afternoon.
The participants of this dialogue event, staged by the City of Aachen, constituted a representative sample from a group of 2000 local inhabitants who had been addressed. 180 people had responded; 100 of them were chosen as participants. A great response!

Innovations and transformations in the field of mobility will radically change our mobility behaviour and will have massive overall impacts on society.
Under the guidance of competent facilitators and specialists, the dialogue event participants were given the opportunity to help shape and co-design current and future development. The Aachen Dialogue was funded through the research project APEROL and the results will flow into local developments and applications.

The event was part of an international series of similar dialogue events being held in 20 other cities in Europe, the USA and Canada.

And here comes a photo gallery – or perhaps better a “photo flood” – of the participants hard at work! ;-))