Reuelling while driving

In the future, roads themselves will supply electric vehicles with energy – by means of induction modules integrated into the road surface.

In the “InductInfra” research project, the RWTH Institutes of Road Engineering and Electrical Machines plan to develop concepts and material systems for energy transmission between road and vehicle. The idea: while driving, cars will draw the energy required for operation from an induction field generated by induction modules embedded in the road. The objective: electric vehicles with virtually unlimited range, moderate battery size and low battery weight.

The aim of the research project is to develop the induction modules, the necessary materials and the technologies for their permanent integration into the transport infrastructure. The potential, operational reliability and economic efficiency of supplying the induction modules with regenerative energy will also be determined.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is funding the work – to the tune of around 1.6 million euros – through its “Road Innovation Programme”, which will run until October 2023.