antivenom on board

how one can ensure fast and reliable medical care even under extreme conditions? this will be researched with […]

Aachen and space

A German in space: former RWTH Aachen University PhD student Matthias Maurer on his first space flight.

Sourcing hydrogen from grass

A research team at the Julich campus is producing hydrogen from grass – opening prospects of future storage […]

Floating weightless

The start-up “Levity” has developed a satellite that shoots measuring instruments to the moon. And an FH Aachen […]

Flying to the rescue

Aachen’s new mayor Sibylle Keupen looked on in amazement as a rescue drone without a pilot rose straight […]

Surfing the gravity waves

The Einstein Telescope is a next-generation European gravitational wave detector – and it could be built in the […]

Lift off!

First successful flight of an all-composite rocket made in Aachen. Congratulations!

Reuelling while driving

In the future, roads themselves will supply electric vehicles with energy – by means of induction modules integrated […]

The Uniklinikum is the best

The Aachen Uniklinikum is the best large-scale hospital in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia – according to the […]