Archimedes’ Workshop

Aachen has always been a place where the future is made, as will be demonstrated when the “Archimedes’ Workshop” this summer transforms itself into a cathedral construction yard.

40 years ago, the UNESCO officially took Aachen Cathedral into its list of world heritage sites. It was the first German monument to be afforded this great honour. Even in the view of rational scientists, the honour is well deserved. The Cathedral is a testimony to Charlemagne’s innovative spirit. You only have to look at the structural design. Or the bronze doors – pure Carolingian high tech. No wonder, then, that the “Archimedes’ Workshop” this summer is paying homage to the Cathedral by creating a “Cathedral Construction Yard” in which the “Archimedeans” from the “Holiday Games” workshop will be building a huge octagon out of wood.

Forms meet FabBus
All the sand-castle enthusiasts will once again be able to have their fun, too, in the huge “Archimedes’ Sandbox”, where they can dig and build and play with forms to their heart’s content. A special attraction: on 15th August, the FabBus with its eleven 3D printers will be stationed at the Katschhof. And the eXploregio.mobil will be welcoming all primary school kids to come in and experiment. Have fun!

28.07.-19.08.2018, daily 9am-10pm, Katschhof
Archimedes’ Sandbox
Admission free