Just print the world

Fashion, furniture, knee replacements – the “Cube” in Kerkrade demonstrates what 3D printers are capable of.

3D printers are one of the most promising inventions of our times. With them, complex forms and shapes can be built up layer by layer in no time at all: three-dimensional parts precisely tailored to the user’s particular needs and wishes. The “printing” is computer-controlled – the “ink” consists of one or more fluid or solid materials. The basic materials that you can print with range from pancake batter to concrete, but the typical materials used are more likely to be plastics, synthetic resins, ceramics and metals. The possibility of producing highly customised objects in large quantities heralds in the next industrial revolution. At least that’s what scientists working on 3D printing claim.

An exhibition in the “Cube” Design Museum in Kerkrade (just a quarter of an hour’s drive from Aachen) shows what can be produced with a 3D printer, and how valuable this technology will become in the future. Because it’s not just about cool designer chairs and witty imitations of oil paintings – it’s also very much about the production of highly specialised replacement parts – for machines and for humans.

So that visitors can not only marvel at the finished products but also understand the production process, there’s a 3D printer in continuous production on display, too.

Cube Design Museum
“3D Print: NOW!”
until 30th April 2017

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
Open on Mondays during school holidays

Museumplein 2, NL 6461 MA Kerkrade
Tel.: +31 45 56760-10